New UI: Request Lessons with Specific Tutors

Chatterbug gives you the possibility to work with a different tutor everyday. But if you’d rather build a long term relationship with a trusted tutor, Chatterbug allows you to do that too.

Request lessons with a specific tutor

At the end of each Live Lesson, we ask you to rate your tutor’s performance and give us feedback on the session. If you choose to keep working with the tutor, their name is added to your list of trusted tutors and you can filter lessons to see only the slots when they are available.

To filter lessons by tutor and request lessons with them: head to Live Lessons in your sidebar 👉🏽 Filter by Tutors 👉🏽 In the drop-down menu, tick the box next to their name 👉🏽 Done. Doing this will show you all the slots when your preferred tutor is available. Booking one of their slots will guarantee that we show them your appointment first and increases your chance of being matched with them. Bear in mind that requesting a lesson with a specific tutor is not a 100% guarantee that the lesson will end up being with that very tutor. It's more of a 90% guarantee which is still very good!

Favorite tutors you never worked with

Thanks to our Tutor Profiles, you can also favorite tutors you never worked with before. To do so, head to our Community Forum 👉🏽 Tutor Introductions 👉🏽 Tutor's profile 👉🏽 Favorite.

Once you've favorited a tutor on their profile, you will be able to filter you calendar to see just their lessons. You can then book a lesson with them as explained in the previous section.

In the future, you'll be able to schedule a tutor directly from their profile using the "Schedule" button, but this option is not yet available. So, to learn how to schedule lessons with your favorite tutors, read further!

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