How to Take Time Off

Of course everyone deserves a holiday or just needs to take a day off every now and then. You have different options to organize this: You can pause your tutoring or adjust your availability accordingly. You find out more about these two options below.

If you won't tutor for more than three weeks, please write a short message to our Tutor Community Management Team and let them know. It will help them to plan and organize.

Pause tutoring

On your scheduling page, there is a button where you set your tutoring limits that says "pause tutoring". This will take you off our appointments list until you set yourself live again. This means, you won't get offered any new appointments until you unpause yourself again. Clicking "pause tutoring" won't cancel any scheduled Live Lessons, that you have confirmed already. It just stops to offer you new appointments.

To pause your tutoring is a great option if you really want to disconnect during your holiday.

Adjust your availability

In case you want to take a few days or weeks off, but you already want to schedule Live Lessons for when you are back, you can adjust your availability schedule accordingly. Please mind, that in this case you should check on new appointments to confirm every one or two days, although you are on vacation. You can easily confirm or reject appointments using your phone, via the Chatterbug mobile app or by logging via your phone's browser.

Open your availability schedule to specify your availability to take Live Lessons or tutor in upcoming weeks.

If you set your availability in your schedule, you can check or uncheck a little box that says "repeat this availability each week". This way, you can set one-time-availabilites or weekly reoccurring availabilities. Choosing one-time-availabilities allows you to leave out whole days or weeks. Make sure to delete weekly reocurring availabilities if necessary. The advantage is, that you can already add availabilites for when you're back from your time off. Please mind, that you would still have to confirm appointments that the system is offering you in order to tutor them when you're back.

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