Certifications in Chatterbug

Earning language certifications in Chatterbug is easy and automatic. Once you finish the last unit in a level and start into the next one, our system will check your Live Lesson history and if you've passed our qualifications, you will be certified. Instead of a single, final test, we look at the total of many hours of your work.

The current criteria is that you must take at least 50% of the exercises in a level with a tutor. Most of our levels have around 250-300 exercises, so you'll need to have done at least 125-150 with tutors in Live Lessons.You must also be verified by our tutors. After each exercise, the tutors mark a quick feedback form on how comfortable you were with the material and you need to get a fair score on 75% of the exercises.

This means that you can have a bad day or a tutor that you don't click with or a section you don't like, but still on average demonstrate that you can communicate about and understand the material in a majority of the level. You will also generally do many of the exercises several times, so you can always re-do an exercise until you feel comfortable with the material.

Certifications are only available to our subscribing students, as they are mainly based on our Live Lesson interactions. Once you pass these requirements, you will be emailed a congratulatory notification and can share the certification with your friends, family and coworkers. Our certifications and coursework are aligned with CEFR standards and will display the CEFR level that you've qualified for (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1).

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