How can I adjust my level?

You can adjust your Chatterbug level as many times as you need and we offer you two possibilities to do that:

Adjust your level

You are the captain of your own boat when it comes to how fast you want to progress. If you ever feel like your exercises are getting a little too easy or a tad too hard, just head to your Settings 👉🏽 Languages 👉🏽 Adjust level and set yourself at the level you think is most fitting on the sliding scale.

Take a placement test

If you're unsure what level would be best fitted to you, we can also help you assess it via a placement test. To access your placement test, head to your Settings 👉🏽 Languages 👉🏽 Adjust level and when you scroll down you'll find the Help me choose function. Select your overall language skills and we'll suggest a specific Chatterbug level for you to start from once you complete the test. The placement test is available for all learners exept for German speakers who study English. But if you're unsure about where to start, you can always contact the Chatterbug team and we’ll happily suggest a level and place you manually.

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