How do I schedule a Live Lesson?

It’s really easy to book a Live Lesson on Chatterbug. Just go to your schedule and choose an appointment in the ‘Available Slots’ calendar. The calendar is displayed in your own timezone and for each slot, we tell you how many tutors are available at that time.

Insider tip: When booking a lesson, it’s better to choose one that is at least 2 days away. This will give our system more time to match you with an available tutor. You see, a scheduled live lesson is only 100% confirmed after a tutor has accepted the request. It’s like your parents always said, better safe than sorry!

If you want to take lessons at the same time every week without having to select them manually, you can tell us how many lessons you want to take per week in your Goals and then set your weekly availability. We’ll email you every Thursday with your appointments for the following week. Don’t worry, you’ll still have the opportunity to accept or reject the lessons before they are locked in!

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