Tutor Onboarding Phase

Are you a new tutor? Let us remind you what the Onboarding Phase consists of.

Create a Tutor Account

We will send you an email invitation to create a Chatterbug Tutor Account. Make sure to check your spam folder for it and please use the link in the invitation email to sign up. When creating your account, keep in mind that the username you choose is the one the students will see. Once you have created your account, you will see your onboarding dashboard with further instructions.

Onboarding Course Pt. I

Through your onboarding dashboard you will have access to the Onboarding Course. Completing the course will take 1-2 hours, depending on your previous knowledge of Chatterbug and pedagogics. You can pause the course and resume it later at any time. If you take a break, you can continue with the course here. To login to the course you just need your Chatterbug username and the password you chose for the course when you first opened it.

Training Lesson

After the course, follow the steps on your onboarding dashboard and choose a date and time for a Training Session. You will do a simulation of a real Live Lesson with a member of the Chatterbug team in which you will mostly be in the role of the tutor. This means you'll get to see some exercises and you get some practice before meeting the actual students. Don't worry, there will also be time for you to ask any question you might still have about tutoring at Chatterbug!

When it's time for the Training Lesson, just log in on the Chatterbug website with the account you created. Five minutes before the lesson is supposed to start, a pop-up banner will appear on your dashboard, which lets you join the lesson.

This Training Lesson, as well as all other Live Lessons, has to be carried out from a computer or laptop, not a mobile phone. Please use Chrome or Firefox as a browser. You can run the Chatterbug Audio & Video Check in advance and make sure everything is working well for your lesson. Also, you can always redo the Chatterbug Speedtest (Minimum download: 4Mbps / Minimum upload: 2Mbps).

Create a Tutor Profile

After a successful Training Lesson, you will create your Tutor Profile and will start using the Community Forum.

Your First 20 Live Lessons

If you are approved as a tutor at Chatterbug, and after your tutor profile is approved, you have access to the actual Tutor Dashboard, where you can start booking Live Lessons with students.

As a new tutor, your dashboard looks a little different until you have taught 20 Live Lessons. This period is designed to give you a chance to get used to the system without any risk of penalty. So until you have taught 20 Live Lessons, please don't worry about how your tutor levels are displayed on your dashboard. You can find more information on Tutor Levels here.

Individual Feedback & Onboarding Course Pt. II

After you have completed 20 Live Lessons with students, you will receive an individual feedback email from our Tutor Management team. If the feedback is good and we're happy with your tutoring so far, you'll be invited to the Onboarding Course Pt. II and will be a qualified member of our tutor community.

After the Onboarding

After the Onboarding Phase, there are more tutor milestones. As you reach these milestones, they will be added as a "badge" on your tutor profile and will be visible on the Community Forum. You can see some examples here:

Feedback - Milestones to come

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