What is Chatterbug Streams?

So you stumbled upon our (not so-) best kept secret! 🎉

Chatterbug Streams is a brand new language learning concept we're working on. We're building a standalone mobile app which allows users to view bitesize language learning live streams hosted by native-speaking trainers. Each stream is based on a unit from Chatterbug's curriculum (A1 - B2) and includes real-time quizzes and vocabulary cards. We're currently offering this for German learners only, but plan to expand to further language pairs shortly.

The Streams app is currently in closed beta testing, and we expect to launch it to the public in the middle of 2021.

If you're interested in helping us to test the app while we polish it up for general release, you can apply to join the beta program waiting list. To do so, please download the app - you'll find the option on the front page.

Apple App Store (iPhone/iPad): this link will take you there!

Google Play Store (Android): click here!

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