The W8 Form

The W-8 form is a tax form reserved for non-US residents earning an income from a US-based company like Chatterbug. The W-8 form provides our non-US tutors an exemption from traditional US taxes since they already pay them in their respective country of residence.

The form can be filled out online and the link to the according website will be sent to every tutor living outside of the US after they have been approved to tutor on Chatterbug. If any certification on the submitted form becomes incorrect (e.g. after a move) the tutor has to reach out to tutor management within 30 days and needs to submit a new or updated form.

All Chatterbug tutors are independent contractors and therefore responsible for their own taxes according to their country of residence.

More questions about the W-8 form? Please use the chatbox in the bottom right corner of your screen, or email us at

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