Can I only take Live Lessons?

Well, that depends on your current level!

Levels 1 to 4 (A1-B2)

In levels 1 to 4, you will only reach a good level of fluency if you know a certain set grammatical concepts and vocabulary. Therefore, Chatterbug requires you to do some Self-study in order to unlock new lessons and advance through the levels, because the Self-study is where you learn both new vocabulary and new grammar.

In turn, Live Lessons are the time when you bring together all of those efforts you made in Self-study and practice speaking the language while applying the grammar you picked up in an actual conversation. Therefore, you have to work concurrently on building your foundation of vocabulary and grammar so you have the raw materials you need to fully benefit from the Live Lessons.

Through your Self-study Chatterbug learns what you do and don’t know and gathers enough information to build the right lesson plan that's adapted to your needs. If you don’t spend time doing Self-study, you won’t unlock new material and Chatterbug can’t effectively plan your lessons. We try hard to optimize your self study time to get you speaking with people as quickly as possible.

Level 5 (C1)

In level 5, you've already reached a degree of fluency that doesn't require you to learn new grammar and vocabulary in order to have a full conversation with a native speaker. So we change things up in this level and give you the choice of what you want to focus on.

Chatterbug still recommends preparing for each lesson by completing a deck of vocabulary flashcards, readings, videos and writing exercises, but you can also skip all of these and jump straight into the Live Lesson. In this level, you also unlock each unit and lesson manually, so you're not required to do Self-study in order to book a new lesson. That said, the Chatterbug team has carefully selected each activity in the C-level units to enrich the discussion they've planned for you in the Live Lesson. Wouldn't it be a shame to miss all of that good stuff?!

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