I’m seeing the same videos and readings over and over

This is an article on the importance of rating your activities in self study!

When you watch a video, listen to a podcast, or finish a reading on Chatterbug, you’re directed to a rating form that assesses how comfortable you were studying that content. You have the possibility to rate the difficulty of the exercise from 1 star (I didn’t understand much of this) to 4 stars (this was quite easy for me).

Our algorithm uses the rating to determine whether we should show you the exercise again and have you review it, or if you’re good to move on. When you give a low rating or don’t rate a video, we assume that the exercise was too difficult and we’ll keep showing it until you’ve given it a rating. If you got it the first time around and would rather not repeat the activity, make sure to give it a 4 star rating to signify that you won't need to see it again.

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