Tutor Availability and Schedule Limits

Setting up your availability correctly and defining Schedule Limits in your Tutor Calendar is very important in order to be offered appointents with students.

Your Availability

Open your availability schedule to specify your availability to take Live Lessons or tutor in upcoming weeks. We will use this information to match you with tutors or students.

To mark time as available, simply click on the calendar and drag boxes over your available times.

If you set your availability in your schedule, you can check or uncheck a little box that says "repeat this availability each week". This way, you can set one-time-availabilites or weekly reccurring availabilities. You can choose whatever matches your personal schedule best.

It is very important to keep you Availability up to date so your Tutor Level is in good standing.

Schedule Limits

In order for our system to offer you appointments with students, you need to keep your 'maximum tutor time' updated. The Schedule limit will restrict the amount of Live Lessons that will be suggested to you every day and week. You set your Schedule Limits on your Schedule Page, too, as you can see in the picture:

Two examples

Example 1: You set your availability on Monday from 1pm - 5pm, but define via the Schedule Limit that you only want to tutor maximum one hour per day. In this case, you will be offered maximum one Live Lesson, anytime between 1pm and 5pm. We won't suggest you more than one Live Lesson per day, even if you have set up more availability in your availability schedule.

Example 2: If you set your availability on Tuesday from 1pm - 5pm, and define via the Schedule Goal that you want to tutor 10 hours per day, then your availability automatically becomes the restriction as you can't tutor more than 5 Live Lessons (each 45min long) between 1pm and 5pm. So although you set your Schedule Goal to 10 hrs/day, will be offered maximum 5 Live Lessons. Please mind that we can't guarantee that we will be able to find students for your language for all your hours every day and every week.

Tutor Calendar view on your Dashboard and types of appointments

Appointments that are suggested to you will appear on your Schedule Page, but you will also find them in the most prominent spot of your Tutor Dashboard. Find out more about the Tutor Calendar view and about the different types of appointments that will appear for you there in this HelpDoc: Tutor Calendar view

Check out our other HelpDocs to find out what happens when you cancel or reject an appointment or if you want to take some time off.

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