My lesson was not scheduled with the tutor I requested

Requesting lessons with a favorite tutor is not a 100% guarantee that the lesson will end up being with that very tutor. It's more of a 90% guarantee which is still very high!

When lessons are requested with specific tutors, Chatterbug always shows them the appointment first. However, if your preferred tutor does not accept the lesson within 2 hours, we will automatically suggest it to other tutors who are available at the same time. Similarly, tutors may reject a lessons booked at a time when they are available if they have a good reason to do so. We do, however, encourage tutors to adjust their availability on a weekly basis to prevent that.

Chatterbug does not notify students when a lesson is matched with a different tutor. Because pre-paid credits are only valid for one month, priority is given to safeguarding your session rather than matching it with a specific tutor.

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