Exercises: Student vs. Tutor view

In a Live Lesson the student and the tutor do not see exactly the same. Here you can find the differences, in order to support your students better.

What the student sees

The student sees instructions, that are adressed to him/her in the language he/she is learning (in this example German). Depending on the language and level, the student also sees a translation of the instructions into his/her source language (in this example English). From level 3.0, 3.2 or 3.5 on (B1) the instructions will be only in the learning language and not anymore in the student's first language.

To assure that the student learns to read and understand the instructions in the Learning Language he/she should read out loud the instructions, in this case in German, before actually doing the exercise with the :tutor:.

What the tutor sees

The tutor, on the other hand, sees the instructions only in the language he/she is tutoring. The instructions are also adressed directly to the tutor (and not to the student), so most of the time it does not make sense to just read out loud these instructions. Usually the tutor's instructions are a bit longer because they come with additional information that help guiding through the exercise. In many exercises the tutor can also find solutions that are invisible for the student.

Additionally, the tutor can use the "take a note"-button to leave a comment for our Curriculum Team about the exercise.

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