Where can I review past Live Lessons?

Practice makes perfect, so we created the Achievements page on Chatterbug to help you review past lessons whenever you need a refresher.

Achievements has a tally of everything you already learned on Chatterbug and some things you will learn in the future in case you want a sneak peek. The page is divided into 6 sections: where you can repeat past exercises, watch videos from higher levels, or review old grammar explanations, among other things.

Study Cards: review past study decks and cards that were particularly challenging. Then connect to your live lesson and impress your tutor with that shining new vocabulary.

Live Lessons: repeat exercises you did with your tutor on your own, or rewatch video records of past lessons to assess your progress overtime.

Readings, Media, Topics & Concepts, Writing Practice: these 4 sections are home to all the videos, grammar explanations, readings and writing from all levels. You can review material you already studied or watch new stuff when you need a little break from Study Cards.

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