What happens when I reject or cancel appointments?

Appointments with students are suggestions based on the availability you set in your schedule.

Rejecting an appointment

If you reject an appointment occasionally, that’s totally fine. If it happens a lot, it will affect your Tutor Level, so you should better change your stated availability in order for us to make better suggestions in the future.

Canceling an already accepted appointment

If you cancel an appointment that you originally confirmed, that’s also fine if it happens occasionally. If we have at least a day’s notice, we can try to find another tutor. The appointment you cancel will be offered directly to another tutor or will be up for grabs, so any other tutor can see and book it, no matter whether it's within their availability or not. If you cancel last minute (less than 2 hours before the lesson) or if you cancel appointments often, this will affect your Tutor Level, too. Your stats will be lowered and you won’t get as many appointments in the future as we’re not sure if you’ll show up or not. We want to make sure our students aren’t disappointed.

Appointments up for grabs

Appointments you cancel will be up for grabs for other tutors, in order to not disappoint the students. The earlier you reject or cancel it, the better, because it's more likely that we'll find another tutor for the Live Lesson that way. If you do not book any of the appointments that are up for grabs on your Dashboard, nothing will happen. It's just an opportunity for you to tutor some extra Live Lessons during or outside of your regular availability.

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