My Favorite Tutor doesn’t Show up on my List

First things first, a tutor won’t show up on your list unless you’ve rated them via the feedback form at the end of a lesson. If you did not rate your tutor before, you can do so here.

Another reason a tutor won’t show up on your custom scheduler is because they are on vacation or they reached their quota of lessons for the week. Tutors decide individually how many hours they tutor on Chatterbug each week, and once their schedule is full, we completely deactivate the possibility to schedule them for that week. That said, if you move on to the following week, you will be able to see your tutor's slots if they have any available, and request lessons with them for the coming weeks.

They will still be absent from your list of favorite tutors, but their name will be clearly listed on the green slots where they are available to tutor.

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