My student can’t connect to the Live Lesson

If you are in the Waiting Room and you can see that your student is online, but they are not joining the lesson, your student might have trouble connecting. You can also experience connection problems during the Live Lesson, if your sound and video gets interrupted. This can be very frustrating. Especially if the student is still new to Chatterbug.

As you are the Chatterbug expert please help them by using the following troubleshooting techniques.

Guide your student by asking these questions

Ask the following questions through the Chatbox, you can even simply copy-paste them, one after another:

  • Are you using a laptop or a computer? Unfortunately, mobile devices are not supported.
  • Are you using Google Chrome or Firefox as browser? Because e.g. Safari is not supported.
  • Please check if your browser permits Chatterbug to access your webcam, speakers and headphones. In case you don't know where to find your browser settings, have a look here, just copy-paste the link in a new browser tab:
  • Please test the quality of your internet connection here: (copy-paste the link in a new browser tab!). Is the connection stable? What values do show up? Anything above 4Mbps Download and above 2Mbps Upload allows you to have an ok live lesson, but the higher the Download/Upload rates, the better your experience.
  • Have you closed other apps and sites that had access to your video and microphone in the past? Sound and video issues can also occur because some applications on a computer can capture/lock a microphone, sound or camera for themselves only. That's why sound can be perfect in one app, but later fail to connect via Chrome and vice versa.
  • Please refresh the page.
  • Please restart your browser.
  • Please restart your computer.

You might want to check on your connection at the same time, to make sure everything is fine on your side.

What if none of these questions solve the problem?

It can be surprising how many problems restarting a computer can solve. But if none of the above tipps help:

  • Let them know you're sorry you two can't connect.
  • Tell the student to get in touch with our Customer Support to find a solution, either through the yellow chat symbol on their Dashboard or per email:
  • Take action and write to us, too! We appreciate if you send as a short message informing us about what happened. When you report about connection issues during your Live Lesson, it also helps us a lot, if you let us know which of the above steps you have tried. Did you and the student refresh? Did you and the student take a speed test? Did you restart your browser? Depending on the situation you can add a screenshot of your Chatterbug Speedtest so we can see immediately that it was not your connecion's problem but that the student needs further support.

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