Tutor calendar

Lesson List View

The list view will be your default view of all of your upcoming Live Lessons. Here you can see all of your next lessons clearly, with the username and avatar of the student. This looks pretty similar to your old list of lessons on the schedule page, but this time you can see bookable lessons mixed in with your confirmed lessons, so you can see exactly where they fit into your schedule.

Lesson Calendar View

If you prefer seeing all of your Live Lessons laid out in a calendar, then this is the view for you. Just click the word “Calendar” to the right of “Recent & Upcoming Lessons” to get to this view. You can use the arrows on the right and left to go forward or back a day.

With this view, you can see exactly where all of your lessons land throughout the day, color coded by lesson type:

  1. Blue - upcoming, confirmed lesson
  2. Gray - completed lessons
  3. White - bookable lessons (if there is only a check mark, this lesson is up for grabs and the first tutor to confirm it will get it; if there is a check mark and an x, this lesson is intended for you and will not be visible for other tutors to book unless you reject it)

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