How to Favorite Tutors

Chatterbug gives you the possibility to work with a different tutor everyday. But if you’d rather build a long term relationship with a trusted tutor, our Tutor Management List was made for just for you!

At the end of each live lesson, we ask you to rate the tutor’s performance and give us feedback about the session. Once you rate a tutor, their name will show up on your tutor list and you’ll have the possibility to schedule lessons with them specifically. Just head to your tutor list and click on favorite/block tutors. You'll be directed to a list of all the tutors you've worked with and you can move your favorite ones to the top and least favorite ones to the bottom of the list. Depending on their availability, we'll try to match you with your favorite ones as often as possible.

If you’d prefer to never be matched with a specific tutor again, you can also click on the 'Block tutor' button in the same tab and select the person you want to block.

Schedule your Favorite Tutor

Head to your tutor list, click on schedule tutor and check the box next to the tutor you’d like to schedule. Choose your preferred slot in the calendar and confirm the appointment.

In case your tutor has an emergency and needs to reject the appointment, we’ll automatically match you with another tutor who’s available at that time.

My Favorite Tutor doesn’t Show up on my List

A tutor won’t show up on your list until you’ve rated them via the feedback form at the end of a lesson.

Another reason a tutor won’t show up on your list is because they are on vacation or they reached their booking limit that week. Tutors set a maximum amount of time they are free to tutor on Chatterbug. Once their schedule is full, we deactivate the possibility to schedule them until the following week, Monday.

I Forgot to Rate My Tutor!

If you forgot to rate a tutor you liked after the lesson, don’t panic. You can rate them retrospectively via Activities - Live Lessons - See all lessons.

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