Add a profile picture on Chatterbug

To upload a picture (or avatar) to your Chatterbug profile, you will have to use Gravatar. Gravatar is an avatar-hosting-website that stores your picture and links it to an email address you provided. Whenever you create an account using that same email, on a website that supports Gravatar, your avatar gets uploaded automatically as a profile picture.

If you have an account on Wordpress, for instance, and then sign up to Chatterbug, the profile picture you use on Wordpress will automatically be added to your Chatterbug profile since both websites support Gravatar.

If you’re new to this and would like to add a profile picture to your Chatterbug account:

  • Go to the Gravatar Website
  • Click on the big, blue “Create Your Own Gravatar”button
  • Create an account
  • Add the email address linked to your Chatterbug account, and then upload the photo of your choice
  • That's it! The photo will automatically upload to your Chatterbug account

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