Cancellation policy for Ultimate subscribers pre-March 23rd

We changed the conditions of our Ultimate plan on March 23rd, 2020. For information on the new conditions, please read the following announcement. For all students who subscribed before March 23rd, bellow is the cancellation policy that applies to you.

Cancellation & No-show Penalties

There is no penalty for cancelling Live Lessons more than 24 hours ahead of time. However, if you cancel a Live Lesson within 24 hours, but more than 90 minutes, ahead of time, we will add an €7/$7 penalty charge to your next invoice. If you cancel 90 minutes ahead of time or don’t show up for the session, we will add a €13/$14 missed lesson penalty to the upcoming invoice.

Ultimate students can cancel up to 2 Live Lessons within a rolling 31-day period entirely free of charge. A missed-lesson fee is charged from the third miss onward. That said, it is important to remember that this policy doesn't allow students to miss 2 lessons for free each month.Your number of missed lessons does not reset every on a monthly basis and by rolling 31-day period, we mean that if you miss more than 2 lessons in any given 31-day period, an extra fee will be added to your invoice from the third miss.

Case in Point

Are these technicalities giving you a headache? Let me explain with an example: let's say you subscribed on January 1, and missed one lesson on January 26. On February 1, your subscription renewed automatically, and then you missed another lesson on February 3, and cancelled another one within 24 hours on February 10. Because all of these misses are within 31 days of one another, you'll be charged an extra €13/$14 for the last one. Now if you want to bring your missed lesson count to zero, you need to go at least 31 days (starting from the second miss) without missing a lesson.

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