Tutor invoices

All Chatterbug tutors are independent contractors and therefore responsible for their own taxes according to their country of residence. In order to keep track of your invoices, you can easily download and save them as a PDF.

We currently support two payment methods:

  • For US tutors with US bank accounts, we use Stripe payout deposits in USD.
  • For Euro payouts, tutors will be paid directly to their account via TransferWise, therefore they just need their IBAN. Euro payouts are issued weekly.

The payment method can be changed on the Earnings Page.

Where to find the invoices

When you're logged in, you can find a list of your invoices here.

Or, from your Tutor Dashboard you can just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Earnings Page
  2. Click on "Transfers Only"
  3. Choose the invoice you want to download, they're all ordered by date.

Download your invoices

Once you chose the invoice, you just have to click on download and save the PDF.

More questions about your invoices? Please use the chatbox in the bottom right corner of your screen, or email us at help@chatterbug.com.

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