Track your progress on Chatterbug

To track the progress of your studies on Chatterbug, you have to Set your Goals. Thanks to the Goal feature, you can tell us what proficiency you want to reach and by when you plan to reach that level. In turn we’ll tell you how much self study and how many lessons you’ll need to reach that goal.

Once that’s settled, you’ll see how you’re doing in real time via your dashboard. We’ll also send you a weekly goal update via email.

When you set your goals, make sure that these are achievable aims. We admire wanting to study 5 hours every day, but we also think it’s better to set more attainable goals and do more when you have the time. Besides, if your overall input doesn’t match your goals, our system will freeze your progress and stop giving you new content to study. Until you adjust your goal settings or catch up on your self study, you might be stuck reviewing the same live lessons over and over.

Let’s just be on the safe side and only bite off as much as we can chew!

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