How Chatterbug picks your cards & exercises

The logic is simple: the more answers you get right, the less you have to review, and vice versa!

If you get 30% or higher of the last session's cards wrong, we won't introduce new cards in the next session. We will also slow down the number of new words if you get 15% of a session wrong. We do this to maintain a sustainable learning pace and to make sure you don't carry major knowledge gaps into your next level.

The frequency of new cards is also determined by the goals you set at the beginning. If you aim to be through all of A1 in two months while studying two hours a week, the system will give you an overwhelming amount of new cards. The algorithm will be working towards your goals no matter how optimistic they may be.

When setting your goals, be sure to give yourself enough time to both learn and review the material. Language learning is challenging, it requires regular practice and a little bit of patience, but it's so rewarding when done right!

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