Edit Your Tutor Profile

Do you have a new hobby? Did you move to another city, or country? Have you improved in a language you're learning? Students are happy to connect with you over these things.

You can also edit your profile to let your regular students know if you're going on a holiday and won't be available to tutor for a few weeks.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Access your Tutor Profile via the drop down menu on your dashboard.

  2. To change your name, location or profile picture, click on the red "edit my profile" button. To make changes to your introduction, you need to click on "Edit your introduction post" at the very bottom. This takes you to your introduction post in the Community Forum.

  3. In order to make further changes your tutor profile, you need to edit the your post in the Community Forum by clicking on one of the two pencils marked in the picture. Don't forget to save the changes afterwards.

  4. Just like Sandra, you can add pictures or even a video to your profile, by clicking here. Find out more about making your tutor introduction video.

What should you definitely include?

Here are some things that students especially appreciate to learn about you before meeting you in a Live Lesson. Make sure to include them in your profile:

  • What languages do you speak?
  • What are you interested in, what do you do in life? Students will look forward to a lesson with you if they already have an idea how they can connect with you.
  • Where are you from? You can even add a paragraph about the town or region you're from and upload a picture or a map. The students love to learn more about different places.

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