How often can I schedule a live lesson?

You can schedule a live lesson every 2 hours on Chatterbug. If you want to take 2 lessons in close succession, you'll need to wait for two hours after the end of the first one before you can take the next one. Let's say you had a lesson from 12:15 to 1 pm, the next earliest session available will be at 3 pm. Your scheduler will not show you earlier slots.

Can I have back-to-back lessons?

You cannot schedule back-to-back sessions if you book your slots manually. Because each lesson builds on what you learn in self study, Chatterbug restricts you from booking successive sessions in order for you to catch up on new grammar and vocabulary before you go back to using them in conversation!

There is one exception for users with a pre-set availability. If back-to-back lessons are the only way for our system to fill your schedule and fulfill your goals, successive slots may be suggested to you!

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