Setting up your Digital Classroom

You've taken the The Chatterbug Tutor Tour, you've read How to be a Successful Tutor, and now are ready to tutor your first Live Lesson? Almost. Now it is time to set up your digital 'classroom'. Here is a short check list for you to go through before getting started:

  • Take a seat in a quiet area
  • Make sure you have a clean and non-distracting background
  • Do you have your headphones in?
  • Check your internet connection at

Once you have gone through this checklist, you are all set to tutor your very first Live Lesson!

What if your student can't connect to your Live Lesson?

If you are in the Waiting Room, you can see that your student is online, but he/or she is not joining?

Help them out by asking the following questions through the Chatbox:

  • Are you using a laptop or a computer? Because mobile devices are not supported.
  • Are you using Google Chrome or Firefox as browser? Because e.g. Safari is not supported.
  • Please check if Chatterbug can access your webcam, speakers and headphones. This is where you find the settings: Click on the site identity icon (the lock symbol) in the address bar, then choose "Allow" for Camera and Microphone and refresh the page.
  • Please test the quality of your internet connection via Speedtest. What values do show up?
  • Please restart your browser.
  • Please restart your computer.

What if you can't connect to your Live Lesson?

If you are or if you notice that your student is stuck in the Chat Check and struggle to connect to your lesson, here are some troubleshooting techniques you can try.

Device and Browser

  • You should be on desktop to take a lesson. Live Lessons are not yet supported on mobile devices and you will not be connected to the session until you log in from a laptop or computer.

  • Make sure you’re logged in via Chrome or Firefox.

  • Restart your computer and see if everything checks green in the Chat Check room before joining the lesson again.

  • To start the lesson, you'll need to pass another chat check in the Waiting Room and click on the red button that reads 'Start Lesson'. Voilà!

Sound & Video

If the video or audio check marks don’t turn green in the Waiting Room, it could be that you did not allow Chatterbug access to your webcam, speakers, or headphones.

For Chrome:

  1. Click on the site identity icon (the lock symbol) in the address bar.
  2. Choose "Always Allow" for Camera and Microphone.
  3. Hit the refresh arrow icon to reload the page.

For Firefox:

  1. Click on the site identity icon (the lock symbol) in the address bar.
  2. Choose Allow on each menu next to 'Use the Camera' and 'Use the Microphone'

Internet Connection

The sound, video, and connectivity issues are often due to the quality of your internet. You can move closer to your router to stabilize your connection. Use Speedtest to test the quality of your connection. Anything above 10 Mbps allows you to have an ok live lesson, but the higher the Download/Upload rates, the better your experience.

If the issue is ongoing, you should discuss solutions with your internet provider.

If we did not answer your questions here, please write to us via Chat or email at

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