Chatterbug Community Forum and your Tutor Profile

The Community Forum

The Community Forum is a place for our students, tutors and Chatterbug staff to connect.

  • Students can schedule lessons with tutors directly via the Community Forum. So if they see that you post a lot of great content and advice, or have an interesting profile, then they can immediately request a lesson with you!
  • You can communicate with other tutors and Chatterbug staff privately in the "Tutors only" category. This is handy if you have technical issues or want to ask us a question regarding payments, appointments and so on.
  • Students can ask grammatical questions, share some learning tips, and link up with Chatterbug peers.

You can access the Community Forum through the “Community” link in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Tutor Profiles

Show students more about you and your background through your Tutor Profile! We urge you to fill this out as soon as possible, and before your first Live Lesson with a student. Also, please keep your profile updated later on.

How to set up your profile

  1. Go to the Community Forum
  2. In the Community Forum, on the left-hand side, you find different categories. Click on “Tutor Introductions” and choose the language that you will tutor. If you are approved to tutor more than one language, please write an introduction post in more than one category, so the corresponding students find you.
  3. Click on the red “New Topic” button on the top right corner
  4. Give a title to your intro, e.g. “Janina from Germany, living in Argentina”
  5. Write some things about yourself (see the example below)
  6. Click on the “Create Topic” button

Once it's been approved by us, your profile will become accessible via the drop down menu on your dashboard. It can take up to one working day before your profile is approved. Afterwards, students will also be able to see your profile when they click on your image in the Community Forum.

Another plus to Tutor Profiles is that once your profile has been approved, you can upload a photo directly to your Chatterbug profile!

What should you include?

This is your profile, so you can introduce yourself however you feel comfortable. Here are some ideas what to write or talk about:

  • In the titel of your post: Your name, which country you are from and where you are located. If a student looks for a tutor with a Swiss German dialect, but who is located in NZDT time zone, this helps them to make their decision. For example: Chris from Germany, living in Brazil.
  • Upload a picture of you.
  • What languages do you speak?
  • Where are you from? You can even write about the town or region you're from an upload a picture or a map. The students love to learn more about different places.
  • What are you interested in, what do you do in life? Students will look forward to a lesson with you if they already have idea how the can connect with you.
  • Do you have experience teaching?

Add a picture

Once your profile is approved, you can upload a photo directly from your device to your profile. Just open your Profile Page 👉 click on the red button that reads "Edit my profile" 👉 click on the profile picture to change your avatar.


Follow the link to see what our Spanish Tutor Sandra's Introduction in the Community Forum looks like.

This is how the actual Tutor Profile of our German tutor Sarah looks like from a student's viewpoint:

Profile videos

Just like Sarah, you can add a video to your profile. Find out how to make your Tutor Introduction video.

Students can directly book Live Lessons with you

When they click on your image in the Community Forum, students will be able to see your profile, schedule lessons with you directly via the "schedule" button, and favorite you via the "favorite" button. If they see that you post a lot of great content and advice, or have an interesting profile, they will have all the more incentive to immediately request a lesson with you!

Keep your profile up to date

Students love to connect with you. Do you have a new hobby? Did you move to another city, or country? This might make a student book a lesson with you, just share it on your tutor profile. Find out out to edit your profile

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