Chatterbug Community Forum and your Tutor Profile

The Community Forum

The Community Forum is a place for our students, tutors and Chatterbug staff to connect.

  • Students can schedule a lesson directly with a tutor from the Community Forum. So if they see that you post a lot of great content and advice, or have an interesting profile, then they can immediately request to schedule a lesson with you!
  • You can communicate with other tutors in the "Tutors only" category in private or find help if you have technical issues or questions for us.
  • Students can ask grammatical questions, share some learning tips, and link up with Chatterbug peers.

You can access the Community Forum through the “Community” button in the top right side of your dashboard.

Tutor Profiles

Show students more about you and your background through your Tutor Profile! We urge you to fill this out as soon as possible and to keep it updated.

How to set up your profile:

  1. Go to the Community Forum
  2. Click on “Tutor Introductions” on the left side
  3. Click on the red “New Topic” button on the right side
  4. Name your intro, e.g. “Janina from Germany”
  5. Write some things about yourself (see the example below)
  6. Click on the “Create Topic” button

Once you do this and it is approved by us, your profile will appear under the “profile” tab of the dropdown on your main Chatterbug dashboard. It can take one working day until your profile gets approved. Afterwards, students will also be able to see your profile when clicking on your image in the Community Forum.

Another plus to Tutor Profiles is that once your profile has been approved, you can upload a photo directly to your Chatterbug profile!

For example

Follow the link to see what Sarah's Tutor Introduction in the Community Forum looks like.

And this is how her actual Tutor Profile looks:

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