¿Cómo puedo reservar una Live Lesson?

It’s really easy to book a Live Lesson on Chatterbug:

  • click on the Live Lesson section on your sidebar and head to your schedule page
  • choose an appointment in the calendar. The calendar is displayed in your own timezone.

Insider tip: When booking a lesson, it’s better to choose one that is at least 24 hours away. Esto le facilitará las cosas a nuestro sistema a la hora de encontrarte un tutor disponible. Verás, una Live Lesson reservada solo se confirma al 100% después de que un tutor la haya aceptado. Como siempre se ha dicho: ¡más vale prevenir que curar!

If you've already favorited some tutors, you can also filter the calendar by preferred tutors and request lessons with them.

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