Marcar como favorito a un tutor

Chatterbug te da la opción de trabajar con un tutor distinto cada día. But if you’d rather build a long term relationship with a trusted tutor, Chatterbug allows you to do that too.

Cuando terminas una Live Lesson te pedimos que evalues a tu tutor y que nos digas qué te ha parecido la clase. Una vez que califiques a un tutor, aparecerá en tu lista de tutores y tendrás la posibilidad de programar lecciones con él o ella específicamente.

Just head to your tutor list and click on favorite/block tutors. You'll be directed to a list of all the tutors you've worked with and you can move your favorite ones to the top and least favorite ones to the bottom of the list. Depending on their availability, we'll try to match you with your favorite ones as often as possible.

If you’d prefer to never be matched with a specific tutor again, you can also click on the 'Block tutor' button in the same tab and select the person you want to block.

Favorite tutors you never worked with

Now, thanks to our Tutor Profiles, you can also favorite tutors you never worked with before. To do so, head to Community Forum 👉🏽 Tutor Introductions 👉🏽 Tutor's profile 👉🏽 Favorite.

Once you've favorited a tutor on their profile, their name will appear on your scheduler and you will be able to book lessons with them specifically.

In the future, you'll be able to schedule a tutor directly from their profile using the "Schedule" button, but this option is not yet available. So, to learn how to schedule lessons with your favorite tutors, read further!

Schedule your Favorite Tutor

Head to your tutor list, click on schedule tutor and check the box next to the tutor you’d like to schedule. Choose your preferred slot in the calendar and confirm the appointment.

When you schedule a favorited tutor, you can be about 90% sure that your lesson will end up being matched with them. However, if your tutor has an emergency and needs to reject the appointment for any other reason, we’ll automatically match you with a different tutor who’s available at that time.

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